TSU: Why Did THAT Win?

Today I’m over on Teen Services Underground taking an in-depth look at book committees. Since today is our EGOT for youth and young adult awards, we felt it was appropriate. So congrats to the winners, honours, top tens, and nominees, and a huge thank you to the committee members who made it possible.

Playlist: Football Songs

If you haven’t noticed the Super Bowl is this weekend, and my teens are extremely invested in which side wins. While the game will be broadcast after most libraries are closed, there’s no reason you can’t kickoff the weekend with a football playlist running in your teen room. I’ve pulled together 25 of the most popular songs used in NFL pregame and stadiums below, but fair warning, some lyrics may not be appropriate for some libraries. Continue reading

Booklist: Football

When I’ve been on the library floor, I’ve always been looking for quick and easy displays. Whether they were for tabletops, shelvetops, or an actual dedicated display area, pulling together themed pop up displays is one of my favourites. In honor of the Super Bowl this Sunday, I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular teen football books. If I’ve missed yours, share with me in the comments! Continue reading

TSU: Committees- Beyond the Books

Yesterday, I was on Teen Services Underground talking about what goes into a committee (local, state, or national) beyond OMG BOOKS! Things like time, money, dedication, talking to your team leader and boss, time, money, and a host of other things that you may not have thought about. If you haven’t taken a look go on over and check it out!

election day self care tips


Election Day is here. If you’ve voted, you’ve done your part. Now comes the self care because if you’re like me it’s going to be a L-O-N-G day. (And as with all wonderful United States elections, it’s not over until the Electorial College officially casts the ballots). So, how to you take care of yourself in the meantime? I’ve pulled together some election day self care tips and put them below.

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