TSU: Why Did THAT Win?

Today I’m over on Teen Services Underground taking an in-depth look at book committees. Since today is our EGOT for youth and young adult awards, we felt it was appropriate. So congrats to the winners, honours, top tens, and nominees, and a huge thank you to the committee members who made it possible.

TSU: Mobile Makerspaces

makerspace graphic a


Today I’m over on Teen Services Underground talking about Mobile Makerspaces,
some things to think about when considering implementing them, what others have done, and what has worked.

Come on over and take a look!

TSU: Father’s Day Crafts


Today I’m over on Teen Services Underground sharing ideas for Father’s Day Crafts for teens. Father’s Day often gets shunted to the side in the middle of graduations and summer reading program kick-offs. There’s also the thought that Father’s Day has to be strictly for the guy in the family when it’s not the case. Not everyone has their father in their lives, and could have a grandfather, uncle, or cousin that is important that needs to be celebrated. Or their mom or aunt or grandmother stepped in when a father figure was needed, or someone else entirely. Those people need to be celebrated and recognized, and this is a perfect opportunity to do that. So come on over to TSU and get some inspiration for Father’s Day.

TSU: Self Directed Programming for May


Today I’m over on Teen Services Underground talking about some really easy self directed programming for May.
Which means, programs that you or other teen specialists can set up with a little involvement and let go, yet will have tons of teens get involved!
A complete win-win as May is typically a crazy month for both teen specialists and teens. Self directed programs are also amazing to have on hand for when
your teens and tweens just want something to do and you have nothing planned. You can bring out your box of things and go here,
be creative, and they are happily involved and social for a good couple of hours, and hitting a number of engagements and social learning points.

On today’s post on TSU I’ve included some for Free Comic Book Day (this Saturday), a couple of my current origami favorites and a few others.

Come on over and check us out!

TSU: 2016 Summer Reading Booklist


Today I’m over on Teen Services Underground sharing almost 20 newer books (2011 and newer) to add to your 2016 summer reading
CSRP and iRead themed list for teens.

These new titles deal with overcoming personal challenges, sports fiction, dystopian gaming, and virtual gaming,
and include new titles by Tim Federle, Kwame Alexander, and a debut by Holly Jennings.

So pop on over to TSU today and have fun with getting in the game. I’m back to extreme reading for today.