Zombie Tea Party Program Ideas


No matter where I’ve worked, I’ve always had teens that were engrossed in Pride and Prejudice. Usually it started with the movie versions and then they devoured the rest of Austin’s works. However, with the movie version of Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies coming out in two weeks, it has gotten a whole new group of teens vastly interested in Victorian times and culture. I’ve done steampunk style for previous events, but with the amped up interest, it got me thinking. Why not put together a twist on a traditional Victorian tea by making it a zombie tea party to celebrate the launch of the new movie? Invite attendees to dress in their favorite period gear if they desire, pull not not only the two base books but those related to tweak interest, and have an afternoon zombie tea party.

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TSU: Self Directed Programs


Today I’m over on Teen Services Underground sharing ideas on self directed programs for summer reading programs.

Self directed programs are often called passive programs in library speak; these are programs that we don’t “actively” run, where there’s not someone there from beginning to end like Makerspaces or Movie nights.

These are the ones like:

  • make and take crafts
  • self guided scavenger hunts
  • guessing jars
  • What do I read next jars
  • Origami Stations
  • Craft Stations
  • Board game checkouts

So come on over and see what I’m sharing on Teen Services Underground today!