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genre queery

I’m SO proud to announce that Genre (Queer)y, the Tumblr blog that I’m co-writing with Katelyn Browne, is up and live!


GenreQueery is an extension of “GenreQueer: Exploding the Closet,” a panel from YALSA’s YA Lit Symposium in November 2014. Librarians Christie Gibrich and Katelyn Browne moderated a discussion between authors Kristin Elizabeth Clark, Malinda Lo, and Robin Talley about representation of QUILTBAG identities in young adult genre fiction.
With this Tumblr and its extensions, we want to continue that conversation. We want to help librarians develop their collections, strengthen their programming, and feel more confident about sharing great genre books with the readers who need them. We’re listening to hear what you want to see more of–please send us Tumblr messages, tweet at us, or e-mail us with requests, suggestions, and questions.
To start things off, here’s what we have planned:
In December, Katelyn will be posting a plethora of books that were identified on our handout and during our panel as fitting the “queer + genre” mandate. Inspired by the Something Wicked Comes Of Age tumblr, Diversity in YA, and others, we’ll be experimenting with tagging books in multiple ways–if there are particular things you’d like to see tagged, let us know!
In January, we’ll talk about the major ALA awards and other book awards for LGBTQ books. We’ll highlight past winners that fit our criteria and let you know what to look for when 2015’s winners are announced at the end of the month.
In February, Christie will highlight some programming and promotion ideas. (If you’ve got questions OR existing ideas you want to share, we would love to hear from you!) We’ll do our best to talk about ways to support queer readers and their allies in diverse library settings and political climates.
Katelyn will probably continue adding books throughout as we discover new titles or old titles we neglected.
After that… we’ll see where the first three months have taken us, and we’ll look to you for some feedback.
We’re excited to start this next part of our journey with you!

The Disclaimer:

The opinions expressed in posts published on GenreQue(e)ry are those of the creators, not of the book’s authors, publishers, or anyone else unless expressly stated. Although GenreQue(e)ry will highlight titles, compile booklists, and share news about queer (meaning QUILTBAG/GLBTQI) YA titles, such titles are NOT personal recommendations OR reviews from Katelyn Browne OR Christie Gibrich unless they are explicitly identified as such. With the explosion of publication in YA, along with our full time jobs, it is impossible for us to personally read each title, although we do research titles before we feature them. We do not knowingly feature offensive books, and recognize that not all of the books we feature will appeal to all readers. At the same time, we recognize that reading preferences and reactions to content are personal. Our goal is to present a broad range of representations of the rainbow without silencing any aspect.


SO, have any YA genre QUILTBAG books you want to share? Have any questions about GLBTQ programming, librarianship, reaching teens, or other things you want to ask or share? Get ahold of us! You can ask me here, or email at, or tweet us!

What do you think?

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