Fought, Eisenhower and Disney Princess Movies



While scrolling through Tumblr (dangerous, I know), I came across a reblogging of the post by Washington Post writer Jeff Guo discussing the work of linguists Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer. They’ve been taking a look at ALL the Disney Princess movies, and studying the dialogue in them- how many times each character speaks, what they say, etc. The article that Guo wrote can be found here.

What sparked the big interest is that Fought and Eisenhower presented their preliminary findings at a huge conference, and found that the “classic” Disney movies (Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty) had a higher percentage of women speaking that the “Renaissance” or “Modern” area (“Renaissance” being those released between 1989-1999 and “Modern” being those released 2009-present).

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Age of Ultron Merchandise: Where did the Women Go?


Yesterday was my birthday and That Guy, being wonderful, tool me out to dinner at one of my favorite places.
Being near one of the fancy malls, they had a Disney Store, and I, as anyone knows, actually like Disney. That Guy had other business around the mall, so I ducked in.

Now, I know that the stores are distinctly sexist with boy sides (Star Wars, Cars, Toy Story) and girl sides (all the princess things and fairies), with semi-neutral ground for adults and plush things. Know that. I also know from purchasing clothing for nieces at the stores that they label clothes boy clothes and girl clothes along those lines. Star Wars clothing is boy shirts while girl clothes have princess things on them. I know this. I ignore this and buy Star Wars clothing for my nieces anyway.

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