AD(H)D Teen Fiction

susan wiggs


AD(H)D is one of those controversial hot topics in the normal world- while it’s actually a hidden disability, AD(H)D is all too often either pushed away as bad behavior or scoffed off as a phony diagnosis for those who want to control their kids. It doesn’t help when there are those out there who get medications prescribed for AD(H)D just for studying purposes without actually having AD(H)D. I have a bit of a better understanding, having a sibling who has AD(H)D, but I still can never fully understand how his brain clicks and whirls around, or how different his perceptions of life are from mine.

Need a perspective from someone who has AD(H)D? Read this article by Kalen O’Donnell.

Like all teens, AD(H)D teens want and need books that reflect them, and with some help from some AD(H)D teens, I’ve pulled together a list of AD(H)D teen fiction books that are realistic and honest. Know some others? Share in the comments!

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