Review Policy


This blog is a work of passion and love. It is the work of one person, and as such, the opinions and writing expressed within are the viewpoints of one person and not that of any publisher, employer, magazine, author, or anyone else, unless it is a guest post.

I accept review copies of books, including advance review copies and eARCs. I get them from a number of places. However, I do not review everything that I receive. I also review things that I purchase outright, that I watch on TV and in film, and that I use in context of my workspace and personal life.

I review books, movies, tech, and other media (including but not limited to board and video games) that I like, those that I love, those that I adore, and those that I want to share with others. I also review things that I think are problematic, not to attack authors, creators, or teams, but to bring up issues that I think are valid and need to be addressed.

If I have committed to someone that a particular post will go up, be assured that I will do everything in my power to make sure that it goes up at that particular date/time. However, since this is the work of one person, there are numerous things that impact when other types of posts goes up. Crazy work schedules, sickness within my family, personal events, holidays, world events, other commitments, and even loss of internet will interrupt posting schedules.

What do you think?