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If you are in Austin for the YALSA YA Literature Symposium, I hope that you are having as much fun as I am- the panels that I have been to have been inspiring! Today, I have started out by speaking with Katelyn Browne,  Malinda Lo (Ash, Adaption), Robin Talley (Lies We Tell Ourselves), Kristen Elizabeth Clark (Freakboy) on the Genrequeer: Exploding the Closet Panel. If you attended, WONDERFUL! Even if you didn’t, don’t worry, because below we’re sharing the handouts with you!

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Speaker Contact Information

Kristin Elizabeth Clark (@kristinclarkya)

Malinda Lo (@malindalo)

Robin Talley (@robin_talley)


Katelyn Browne (@brownekr)
Capital City Public Charter School

Christie Gibrich (@mz_christie)
Grand Prairie Texas Library System

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