Silver Screen to the Small Screen

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As Spring brings forth all the excitement for blockbuster movies, Fall brings hope of exciting TV shows. This season, a big trend seems to be taking the silver screen to the small screen, and not via Blu-ray or streaming, either. Big networks like ABC, CBS, and FOX along with STARZ are taking their cue from the big screen and giving the green light to TV series based on movies and documentaries.

Which ones are coming on? Which ones will you be tuning into?

MINORITY REPORT: Pictured L-R: Meagan Good as Detective Vega and Stark Sands as Dash. ©2015 FOX Broadcasting Co. CR: Bruce Macaulay/FOX
MINORITY REPORT: Pictured L-R: Meagan Good as Detective Vega and Stark Sands as Dash. ©2015 FOX Broadcasting Co. CR: Bruce Macaulay/FOX

MINORITY REPORT- a decade after the movie starring Tom Cruise, Precrime has been shut down but one of the precogs can’t shake the visions of murders yet to be committed. Secretly teaming up with a cop, he attempts to stop the murders from happening and search for his missing twin brother. Starring Meagan Good (Jumping the Broom) and Stark Stands (Inside Llewyn Davis).  FOX, September 21.


LIMITLESS- Adaption of the 2011 movie, with Bradley Cooper producing and guest starring. A man (Jake McDorman, Shameless & American Sniper) gains the ability to use the entirely of his entire brain. CBS, September 22.


THE MUPPETS- from TV to movies to TV again, the Muppets are back! For the first time in *cough* real life since The Muppet Show ended in 1981, this show about a show is using a mockumentary format to reach a slightly older audience than the original variety show. ABC, September 22.

scream queens

SCREAM QUEENS- taking all the tropes of every horror movie every made, this is the start of a new anthology series by Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story. The focus on this story is, gasp, a fictitious sorority house where a series of murders take place. Jamie Lee Curtis is heading up an all-star cast. FOX, September 22.

code black

CODE BLACK- based off the 2014 documentaryCode Black is said to be a fast paced medical drama set in the busiest emergency room in the nation, Los Angeles County Hospital’s trauma bay. CBS, September 30.


SUPERGIRL- produced by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, the Flash) , Melissa Benoist (Marley Rose on Glee) takes on the role of Kara, who was sent from Krypton to Earth when she was 12. Also starring Dean Cain as Jeremiah Danvers (a former Superman as her Dad), and Mehcad Brooks (True Blood, About Last Night) as Jimmy Olsen. CBS, premiers October 26.


ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD- set in the Evil Dead universe, and perhaps the most important piece, starring Bruce Campbell as Ash, this 10 episode horror comedy will be starring Lucy Lawless and Ray Santiago, with Sam Raimi helming the action. STARZ, premiers October 31 (when else?)

What do you think?

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